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Revox Scala 120

The Scala 120 is a best-in-class product, combining a sensational design with a pinnacle of listening pleasure.
With the Scala 120 Revox is presenting a completely newly created speaker design. The goal was to develop a never previously seen design, which could be integrated both into ultra-modern and into classically styled living rooms. Identifying the right design has taken several years.

In terms of colours, Revox has gone for an elegant silver/anthracite housing with a black grille. The colour selection makes a clear statement and underlines the wonderful shape of the speaker. If you are looking for something more understated, the Scala 120 is also available in a completely white outfit. The speaker is characterised principally by its uncomplicated design.

Piccolo S60
2 way speaker with a syncax chassis for smaller rooms.
60 Watt/80 Watt – 65 Hz up to 20 kHz – 88,5 dB 2,83 V/1m
H 140 x W 140 x D 140

Bass S04 Active
Extremely powerful active subwoofer in white colour with spike-feet, especially for larger home theatre applications.
250 Watt/300 Watt – 27 Hz up to 200 kHz (IEC) – 113 dB
H 450 x W 400 x D 420

Bass S03 Active
Very powerful active cube for smaller home theatre systems with white finish.
80/120 Watt – 30 Hz — 200 Hz – 88 dB 1W/1m H 275 x B 260 x T 285 mm

Piccolo S Wall bracket
Wall bracket for the S Piccolo speaker.

Cube S Wall bracket
Wall bracket for the S Cube speaker.

Prestige G140 silver/black
Four long-throw bass drivers, a low-distortion mid-range speaker and a tweeter with a large fabric membrane are responsible for providing the uncompromisingly precise and powerful sound quality of the G Prestige. The elegant sound column delivers excellent sound results whether as a stereo speaker or in a surround configuration, together with the G Center and G Column.
140/180 Watt – 36 Hz up to 30 kHz – 90 dB 2,83 V/1m
H 1262 x W 140 x D 270 mm – glass foot H 12 x W 260 x D 390

Elegance G120 silver/black
The G Elegance speaker is due to its slim housing and yet full sound the ideal compromise between its siblings Column and Prestige.
120 Watt/150 Watt – 40 Hz up to 30 kHz – 86,5 dB 2.83W/1m
H 1112 x W 104 x D 160 mm — glass foot H 12 x W 210 x D 270 mm

Column G70 white/white
Very slim design with white real glass front. Cabinet white colour. 2 Way speaker with bass reflex system.
70/100 Watt – 42 Hz up to 30 kHz – 86,5 dB 2.83V/1m
H 1112 x W 104 x D 104 – glass foot H 12 x W 215 x D 215

Center G70
Center speaker with black real glass front for excellent audio quality and optimal integration into the MoDu Media cabinet of Team by Wellis. 100/130 Watt – 45 Hz to 30 kHz – 88 dB 2,83 V/1m
H 104 x W 470 x D 260 mm

Shelf G70
The Shelf G is using the same midrange/woofer that you know from the G/S/A column.
H 320 x W 104 x D 218 mm weight 4,0 kg Technical data: Impedance 4 Ohms, Power rating rms/music 70/100 Watt, Frequency response 45Hz – 30 kHz, 4 Ohms Impedance Efficiency (SPL at 2,83 V/1 m) 90 dB

Mini G50
The Mini G is an absolutely unique speaker. Outstanding sound quality paired with a very modern design based on real glass in black or white.
H 180 x W 104 x D 130 mm (without cables) Technical data: Impedance 4 Ohms, Power rating rms/music 50/70 Watt, Frequency response 55 Hz – 30 kHz, Efficiency (SPL at 2,83 V/1m) 90 dB

Wall bracket for G Shelf
Includes flange for the A shelf and a set of screws.

G Mini wall bracket
Extremely flat wall bracket for G mini Packaging contains two brackets for one pair of speakers